They’re not all the same: Meet some other hard polytheists


See, this is what I feel gets lost in a lot of pagan debates, especially the one that’s been going around recently. It’s completely reasonable to disagree with or even dislike a certain theology. I mean, for one thing, it’s not possible for one to agree with everything. But I think it’s important to recognize that there are mature and immature people in every camp. I’m starting to get sick of the fluffy, wishy-washy non-deity centered pagans vs. rabid iron and blood hard polytheists stereotypes. EVERY THEOLOGY YOU’RE GOING TO FIND ANYWHERE HAS GREAT PEOPLE AND SHITTY PEOPLE WHO SUBSCRIBE TO IT.

Originally posted on The Allergic Pagan:

In my last post, I used Jason Mankey’s interview of self-described atheist Pagan Amy B. as an opportunity to introduce you to three other non-theistic Pagans, bloggers who described themselves variously as naturalistic, atheistic, non-deistic, and pantheistic, all of whom express a deep sense of reverence toward Pagan ritual. I was already thinking I should write a companion post highlighting some hard polytheists and deity-centered Pagans. Then I saw that Jason had written another post, entitled “Holier Than Thou Paganism”, in which he takes issue with the ideological exclusivism of a certain hard polytheist and I knew I needed to write this post.

There is an unfortunate social phenomenon which causes the most outspoken, and sometimes the most outrageous, individuals in a group to draw more attention to themselves and thereby come to be seen as more representative of the group than they really are. For example, recently…

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